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First/Second cycle of studies (Bachelor/Master)


Are you passionate about history and nature? Have you ever been looking for treasures in your garden? And today … are you impressed by ancient cultures and civilizations and would you like to participate in their discovery? Get to know the  story of man on Earth. Discover the secrets of the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Explore the history of ancient Greece and Rome. Follow in the footsteps of the Celts and Germans. Learn about the  life of Slavs and Prussians. Enter the North world  and take part in Viking expeditions. See what others read about in the books! Practice and theory will let you know the ancient world hidden in the land and under water – the world of caves, fortresses, castles, towns and cemeteries. An archaeologist is an explorer and a globetrotter, working in various parts of the world. Archeology is an encounter with the guides through the fascinating world of prehistory, history and natural sciences. You will be accompanied by excellent staff of scientists and experienced specialists throughout the centuries. That’s it! Get extensive expertise in a friendly and comfortable environment. Archaeological studies are the beginning of a long lasting adventure.

archives and documentation management

For thousands of years, people have consciously been recording and storing information. First,  it was done in writing, later  pictures and sound. Documentation was previously stored in archives. Nowadays, the  ideas are recorded using binary code in  data storage media or in a computing cloud. Studying archives and document management gives our graduates the keys to this exceptionally  interesting  world. Studying at our Institute you can find out how modern archives – institutions, organizational units operating in most Polish institutions and digital data collections  function. We are teaching how to search for information for various purposes, scientific and practical. We also  show how the documentation should be read , also “between the lines”. We are giving an insight into the work of the administration , the application of modern document management tools, office instructions, file indices and modern office equipment. We try to make our graduates familiar with efficient office organization, and constant improvement of  document management throughout their life cycle.


It is one of the most interesting challenges for people with rich humanistic interests. Thanks to such field of study, the students  not only get to know the history of Poland and the world, but they also acquire knowledge from many related fields. The graduates are able to interpret the social, political and economic mechanisms shaping the history of  nations and states. The historical centre of Toruń is one of the best in Poland and Europe and boasts rich didactic and research traditions.

Scandinavian-Baltic Studies

Scandinavian-Baltic Studies deepen the knowledge of the culture, history and languages of the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic Sea Region. The programme teaches openness to Europe and the world, to the cultural diversity of the region, and also to the value of cultural heritage. These studies provide in-depth intellectual competences (ability to analyze, synthesize, argue and present both orally  and in writing, ability to organize work and present its results). The programme broadens the knowledge and skills in the management of  broadly understood cultural assets. The studies curriculum covers  foreign languages (Norwegian, German, Russian). The students are provided opportunities to study abroad  in Scandinavian countries and the Baltic region.

military science

Military science is a unique field of study whose programme is adapted to the specific needs of the Polish armed forces. The programme covers a number of subjects that provide knowledge of  a wide range of military issues and law enforcement. Thanks to acquiring the principles of martial arts, analyzing the issues of international and national security, the armed forces of individual states of the world, the legal basis for the functioning of the armed forces of the Republic of Poland and the Police, the students are prepared to advance their careers in the Polish Army, the police or other as well as knowledge of military history. The graduates are also familiar with war geography and military cartography, the weapons an uniforms science.